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Folie Rose - Domaine des Cognettes

Folie Rose

Sparkling wine

Folie Rose



Sparkling wine

Sand, pebbles and clay over granite and gabbro rock

Vineyard 100% organic (AB)
Harvested by hand with grape selection

Fermentation start in tank, then 2/3 of fermentation the juice is cooled and bottled.
The fermentation restart in the bottles and finish slowly. Later in the winter following the harvest the bottles are disgorged and corked with a new cork.

2 to 5 months of maceration
Final degree 9°5 / residuals sugar 27 gr/L

This wine assumes apart of feminity. This « Folie Rose » (Pink Crazyness) will seduce you with its small degree of alcohol, its color and its lightness and softness.
Its delicate bubbles make its robe shines. The nose proposes a large range coming from red berries to grapes. The mouth
is well balanced between natural sugar and acidity. The mouth is also tagged by crispiness of red berries.

Wine and food pairing : it would pair perfectly with a strawberry pie or a chocolate fondante.

To be served at 6°C