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Pet Nat - Domaine des Cognettes

Pet Nat

Natural Sparkling

Pet Nat

Folle Blanche


Natural Sparkling

Sand, pebbles and clay over granite and gabbro rock.

0,20 ha of vines aged from 20 to 50 years old
vineyard 100% organic (AB)
Harvested by hand with grape selection
Yield 25hl/ha
Alcoholic content : 13,5° by vol.

Pressing selection, settling of must, natural yeast, thermoregulation, temperature control of fermentation

12 months minimum in our cellar.
No sulfites added.

The lightly pale pink dress is accompanied by fine bubbles, aromas of white flesh fruits go together in a mouth made very nice by the harmony of its three grape varieties.

It would perfectly pair with russian cake or a financier (cake)

Ideal serving temperature : 7°C